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Aluminum Casement Windows: Protect The Environment

Aug. 10, 2021

Environmental issues are at the heart of the challenges facing our society today and tomorrow. One of the most often neglected sectors is the building sector, which is the main source of CO2 emissions.  However, there are solutions that can reduce the environmental and climate footprint of buildings during construction and during occupancy. Aluminum casement windows naturally stand out as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Wind Proof Rain Proof Security Door Laminated Glass French Casement

A recyclable material

Industrial manufacturing is a major source of pollution and CO2 emissions. Therefore, it is logical that the material with the least negative impact on the environment is the one that lasts the longest. Fortunately, aluminum is at the forefront of sustainable and recyclable materials. While cement and steel degrade permanently over time, aluminum can be used repeatedly without loss of quality or performance.

Withstand the test of time

Because of its unique chemical and physical properties, aluminum is known for its incredible resistance. Although aluminum alloys are light, they do not deform even under the harshest environmental conditions. Aluminum is also very difficult to corrode naturally. As a result, it retains its fresh appearance even after decades of use in wet, cold or very hot environments. As a result, aluminum casement windows can last for years without major renovations or repairs.

Energy-saving solution

A house's energy, environmental and climate footprint is measured not just by the amount of materials it uses. These efforts must be made every day. Fortunately, the outstanding efficiency of custom thermal aluminum casement windows helps optimize energy efficiency, which in turn helps reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Insulated, transparent and thermal, the optimized glass surface improves the overall thermal insulation of casement windows. This reduces the use of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, resulting in significant savings in energy costs. In the long run, aluminum will not break, chip or shatter. Even when subjected to extreme heat or flame, aluminum does not release any fumes or toxic substances.

Aluminium Casement Window with Tempered Glass 135 Series

In summary

In this way, aluminum casement windows perfectly meet the environmental requirements of individuals and companies. The windows, conservatories and casement windows designed by Installux are made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Craftsman manufacturers use them to help reduce the energy consumption of buildings and contribute to ensuring a healthy environment for the people who live in them. Please come to GANGYA for more aluminum windows and doors.


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