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What Are Insulated Windows and How Do They Work

Nov. 02, 2021

Thermal windows are designed to prevent heat transfer from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Many insulated windows achieve this by placing an air pocket between two panes of glass. Anyone familiar with how insulated windows work will recognise this.


What is heat transfer?

The main function of insulated windows is to regulate thermal comfort. The following factors affect thermal comfort.

- Temperature

How hot or cold is it? Humans like to be in the range of 20 to 25 degrees, more or less. This is the one that gets the most attention.

- Humidity

How much moisture is in the air? 40% to 60% relative humidity is the ideal range. In addition to reducing comfort, too low or too high a relative humidity level increases the likelihood of, for example, bacteria, mould and dust mites.

- Air movement

Is the air moving over your skin? One way our bodies stay cool in summer is through the evaporation of sweat. A nice breeze or ceiling fan keeps us comfortable. In winter, the same air movement can make us feel uncomfortable.

- Average radiant temperature

How hot or cold are the surfaces around you? If you've ever sat next to a window on a cold night, you may be uncomfortable because of the low average radiant temperature. The cold glass inner surfaces suck heat out of your body because you radiate heat to them, but they don't radiate much back.

Living Room Ideas Design Thermal Break Aluminium Sliding Window

Living Room Ideas Design Thermal Break Aluminium Sliding Window

If you have a nice infrared thermometer, you will notice a big difference in the temperature of your chair, books, yourself, walls, floor and windows. Although your thermostat may show 70F, you may feel it is much colder than that!

Colder surfaces will draw heat away from warmer surfaces, most importantly you! You should turn the thermostat up. Rather than cranking up your thermostat to combat this process, you should use insulation and air sealing measures. One of these is to insert insulation for your windows.

GANGYIN insulated windows effectively reduce heating energy consumption by around 20% by providing superior comfort and keeping homeowners from dialing up their thermostats. Specifically, because the inner window surface of the THERMAL product is much warmer than the inner surface of the single pane glass, the occupants of the building will feel warmer standing next to the window than next to the single pane glass, even though the room air temperature is the same in both cases. As a result, occupants are more likely to be able to operate their home heating system at a lower thermostat setting when insulated windows are installed.


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